My story started at a time when I felt very weak and confused, because of the circumstances that where going on in my life.

I started asking myself why all these things that I did not like where

Without knowing, I would blame myself for everything. I took advice from others who didn't mean to hurt me, but because I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go, the only thing that happened was that at the end I would feel very bad. I wanted to see things in a different way but because I was so negative, things were becoming ever worse for me.

Isabel Borondo - Biografia

With time, I started asking myself where the problems would surface: illness and anything in general that happen to people in life whether good or bad. I would ask myself if we are predestined to be happy or unfortunate; and if it was that way, someone would have to have all the answers or if not, be guilty of it.

Then, all these questions that I used to ask myself opened a path of hope and enlightenment that helped me to find a lot of the answers that I was looking for. For example, I understood that a great part of the illnesses that we have are created by ourselves with our problems and misfortunes.

Have you ever asked yourself: Why do children have such perfect and beautiful skin? One of the answers is because they are themselves, they are not influenced with bad thoughts, and if they are, they are not conscious of it, therefore it doesn't cause them any problems. A person's wellbeing is affected by their own way of thinking on one hand, and the influence of the others that affect you on the other.

From these ideas came the creation of this Self-help game on written cards. These are the first Self-help written cards created in the world, with the idea that you and only you can deal yourself the cards with no external influence. I know from my own experience because it helped me to come out from the negative world I was in.

My first Cartas Blancas were invented in 1989, and were published in Spain in 1990. They sold with big success and universal acceptance.

I am sure that Cartas Blancas will help you out, but get used to the idea that they have no magic. No one has hidden magic, everybody has the same capabilities of thinking and creating.

The Cartas Blancas that I invented in 1989 are a way to help you just like when somebody talks to you or gives you optimistic advice.
There is no trickery or images to influence you, only phrases that you can understand perfectly.Isabel Borondo - Biografia

An example: You always wished to open a business, its your dream, your future, what you always wanted to do and now you've made the decision to do it. Then you go and you tell somebody with the same excitement you have and without wanting to hurt you, they make the comment that it's not worth it, its so much work, you are going to have to spend too much money and you will have a lot of competitors. Well those small comments could ruin your dreams. They could make you full of doubts and make you scared, which would stop you form making your dreams come true. Nevertheless, pay attention to the difference of an optimistic comment. If somebody tells you that you can do it, that you have many possibilities and that you are going to be very successful.

The first influence will make you give up on your idea of opening a business and the second comment is going to encourage you to start what for you could have been the dream of your life and a future. Do you understand the difference? Each card that you choose does not come out by chance because the reality is that it is a conscious election that you make.

Each card that you pull out, comes out because you have thought about it first, so the magic is in what you think and it is your thoughts what that make the things that happen in your life come true. Believe it or not, that is how they work.

If for example you look at a plane flying 10,000 metres over your head, you probably think that it is like magic and you will ask yourself: How is it possible that a machine so big and heavy can fly?

First someone had the idea of that plane in their imagination. Then, that idea was drawn on paper and then there were millions of test carried out. Even though that first plane stared out as a simple idea, nowadays it is a reality.

Isabel Borondo - Biografia

I don't know if you know that even though your eyes cannot see what it is written in the cards, when the card is facing down, your mind knows it, that is why when you pull them out of the deck, they relate with what happens or you want to happen in your life.

I have written different situations related to the human being on the cards, the difference is that each person thinks in their own way; even though what we wish, what we like or hate are similar thoughts in all human beings.

Only in this present moment, you can think about the past or future, that is why Cartas Blancas only talk to you in present time.

To better your work, your life, your money and even your health, the only thing that you have to do is think optimistically. Your mind thinks and then gives the idea form, making real what you thought. You are the designer or architect that makes reality of what happens in your life.

I would really love that Cartas Blancas helped you, entertained you and guided you, but always in a constructive and efficient way for you.

This is my one and only intention; try and you will see that it really works.

Cartas Blancas have been revised and updated in 2004, and this is their second edition. You can find both editions for sale on the website.

Enjoy them!